Ruderalis: New ruderal (‘wild’) Cannabis seeds

Three ruderal accessions are now with us at The Real Seed Company:

Crimean, an intermediate ruderaldomesticated type from the southern mountains of Crimea, on the coast of the Black Sea, as shown here in the photo.

Siberian, an intermediate ruderaldomesticated type from southern Siberia, near Kazakhstan.

And Kurgan, a markedly ruderal type from the southern Urals mountains.

All three are day-neutral (‘autoflowering‘). In the vernacular taxonomy, they’re known as Ruderalis.

These ‘wild’ or weedy populations are deep reservoirs of biodiversity. Their adaptive variations are essential for the future development of Cannabis. They’re essential for the collection of any serious breeder or collector.

Also new at the site is a Kazakh landrace from Jambyl, bordering Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Further information and photos forthcoming…

See the following study for more on so-called Ruderalis.