Indica-type cannabis landraces. Classic Indicas are compact, early maturing plants with broad oblanceolate leaflets, ‘skunky’ aromas, and sedative effects according to the informal vernacular taxonomy.

The accurate formal classification for such plants is C. sativa subsp. indica var. afghanica. They likely originated in Central Asia around the Hindu Kush, Transoxiana, and Xinjiang. Historically, these domesticates were cultivated for hashish in desert oasis centres such as Yarkand and Bukhara. Today, the most ancient continuous centre of this tradition is Afghanistan, most notably Balkh.

Authentic pristine Indicas are increasingly rare among traditional domesticates and modern strains. This is primarily due to hybridization, which is the main cause of biodiversity loss in Cannabis. Particularly in the West, strains are becoming ever more homogeneous.

Hybridization of Indicas and Sativas predates even the Hippie Trail era. Northern Pakistan and southern Afghanistan appear to be a frontier between Central and South Asian populations of subsp. indica. Cultivated and wild-growing populations in the Hindu Kush often exhibit a spectrum of traits ranging from Indica to Sativa.

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