Tropical India

Tropical Indian cannabis landraces. Tropical India is the likely centre of origin for classic Sativa-type domesticates (i.e., landraces). The main purpose for which these narrow-leafleted cannabis landraces were domesticated is the production of seedless or lightly seeded high-THC female inflorescencesin other words, “bud” or ganja. The so-called “sinsemilla technique” of rogueing out males is first described in a fifteenth-century alchemical text from southern India.

Among the most renowned Indian centres of commercial ganja cultivation was the Ganja Mahal of East Bengal, now Bangladesh. Since prohibition, its reputation for cannabis has been eclipsed within India by regions such as Idukki (Kerala, South India), Orissa, and Imphal (Manipur, Northeast India).

Today, the Internet is rapidly accelerating the spread of modern hybrid cannabis seed to South Asia, where it’s utilized both by hobbyists and organized crime. Throughout India, traditional ganja domesticates (i.e., Cannabis landraces) face imminent extinction through hybridization.

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