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The Real Seed Company is a group of collectors focused on cannabis landraces. Our speciality is authentic, unhybridised cultigens from Asia, the original homeland of cannabis. [read more]...

12 Free Seeds With Every Order

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The Real Seed Company does not ship cannabis seeds to the USA. The Real Seed Company also refuses to sell cannabis seed to anybody who it believes may intend to use them illegally for the purposes of germination or cultivation.

Real Seed Company Blog

9 Jun at 11:16Posted by: angus

Where to buy Real Seed Co landrace seeds

You can buy at this site using card or bank transfer. Alternatively, reliable retailers with worldwide shipping are Seedsman and Hipersemillas.
7 Mar at 11:37Posted by: angus


Current freebies with every order are 12 seeds of one of the Himalayan charas landraces.
29 Oct at 09:39Posted by: angus

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Are your landraces pure or have they been crossed with modern hybrids?

A. We aim to collect pure landraces. Many of the regions where we have collected are dangerous, which means that few foreigners visit. This greatly reduces the chance of modern hybrids being introduced. There are a couple of regions in Asia where modern hybrids have become a problem, so purity cannot be guaranteed - notably, Parvati Valley, which includes Malana. However, to the best of our knowledge, our other Himalaya...[read more]
16 Sep at 13:37Posted by: angus

10 Quick Questions with The Real Seed Company

In the first of a brand new series of articles, Seedsman sat down with the Real Seed Company to ask 10 quick questions about their seedbank.

1. How was The Real Seed Company born?

Real Seed Co was born in 2007. I had already lived in Asia for many years and had got a taste for the kind of quality traditional cannabis you can find with a little effort in places like Thailand and Nepal. In 2007, I travelled to Chitral, high in the Hindu Kush mountains, and realised that there is so much more...[read more]
10 Quick Questions with The Real Seed Company image.10 Quick Questions with The Real Seed Company image.10 Quick Questions with The Real Seed Company image.10 Quick Questions with The Real Seed Company image.
12 Jun at 09:35Posted by: angus

CBD in cannabis landraces

This post is intended to clear up some questions regarding CBD in 'drug' landraces.

For high-CBD chemotypes, you are best to try charas/hashish landraces.

Landraces from the Himalaya, Middle East, and Hindu Kush can, as a rough 'rule of thumb', be expected to exhibit significant levels of CBD in approximately 75% of plants.

Evidence suggests that there are three basic chemotypes in traditional hashish landrace crops:

1. Type 1 plants: high THC, low CBD
2. Type 2 plants: roughly...[read more]
CBD in cannabis landraces image.CBD in cannabis landraces image.CBD in cannabis landraces image.CBD in cannabis landraces image.CBD in cannabis landraces image.
12 Mar at 12:59Posted by: angus

Real Seed Co is on Instagram as @therealseedcompany and Facebook as @RealSeedCo

Real Seed Co is on Instagram as @therealseedcompany

and has a blog, with commentary on cannabis and drug policy

as well as Facebook @RealSeedCo
10 Jul at 00:21Posted by: angus

How To Pay

You can order direct from us online by credit or debit card. You can also pay by bank transfer.

Seeds are sold in packs of 5 and 12. These can be added to your shopping cart.

The Real Seed Company's bank details are provided when you check out.

We will send you an e-mail confirming when we have received your order and payment. We will also e-mail you to confirm when we have shipped your order.

All orders receive a free 12-seed pack of one of our heirloom strains.
18 May at 14:43Posted by: angus

UK Government Statement: Cannabis Seeds Are Legal, and Will Remain Legal, May 15th 2009

Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie recently wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice seeking clarification of the legal status of cannabis seed in the UK. Community Safety Minister Fergus Ewing MSP issued the following written response, a clear and strong statement that the sale of cannabis seed is fully legal, and that the UK Government has no plans to prohibit or restrict it:

"The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 refers to cannabis and cannabis resin as controlled drugs, but not cannabis seeds because ...[read more]
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