FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your landraces pure or have they been crossed with modern hybrids?

A. We aim to collect pure landraces. Many of the regions where we have collected are dangerous, which means that few foreigners visit. This greatly reduces the chance of modern hybrids being introduced. There are a couple of regions in Asia where modern hybrids have become a problem, so purity cannot be guaranteed – notably, Parvati Valley, which includes Malana. However, to the best of our knowledge, our other Himalayan landraces are pure, as are all of our other landraces.

Q. Do you sell feminized seeds?

A. No. Unless otherwise stated in the strain description, all seeds are direct from their country of origin. For reproductions outside the source country, open-pollination is used, typically with as many parent plants as feasible.

Q. Which of your landraces are pure Indicas?

‘Pure Indica’ is a concept that might apply to intensively selected modern hybrids, but does not easily apply to landraces. However, several of our landraces can express Indica plants characterized by broad leaflets, fast flowering, and short, compact architecture. The Chitrali can exhibit this morphology; however, its other expressions are strongly Sativa. Similarly, the Sinai exhibits excellent Indica type plants. The Lebanese is consistently compact and fast-flowering with good bud density, all of which are regarded as Indica qualities. The Mazar-i-Sharif and other landraces from northern Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush can likewise exhibit very large leaves with broad leaflets.

Q. Which is your fastest landrace?

A. The Sinai, Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish, and Nanda Devi can all finish from August onwards.

Q. Which is your strongest landrace?

A. Traditional ganja landraces – meaning those domesticated for use as bud, as opposed to resin – are typicallly strongest. The Manipuri, Mango Thai, and Kerala all readily exhibit THC content in the mid to high teens. This is because in traditional cultivation methods ganja landraces undergo stronger selection for potency.