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Genetics: Greek Cannabis Landrace
Sourcing: Central Greece, 2020 Harvest
Purpose: Charas / Hashish (sieved cannabis resin)
Latitude: 37┬░ N
Harvest: October
Aroma: Hash, citrus
Height: 2 to 4 metres
Characteristics: Early, hardy
Grow Type: Outdoor, greenhouse, or indoor

A cannabis landrace direct from Greek farmers who cultivated this strain for decades in Central Greece. ‘Moliotiko’ is presumed to be in part descended from the East Mediterranean cannabis landraces that until the 1930s supplied among the largest cannabis markets in the world, particularly the vast demand for hashish from the megacities of Egypt.

Famous prior to the hybrid era, Moliotiko displays traits similar to related strains such as Lebanese and Kalamata Red. Hardy, suitable for cultivation at and adaptation to quite northern climes.

Aficionados may know this strain by other names such as ‘Lamiotiko’ or ‘Sertiko’. Sown at end March and harvested at end October at its latitude of origin.

High viability seeds reproduced from the original 2020 stock.

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