Genetics: Siberian Cannabis, possibly Kazakh, Intermediate Domestication
Sourcing: Russian Landrace Bureau, Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk, Southern Russia
Purpose: n/a
Latitude: 54° N
Harvest: August to September
Height: Up to 4 metres
Aroma: Intense pine, sweet floral, citrus
Characteristics: Resinous, vigorous, hardy, autoflowering, small leaves, purple coloration, CBD
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse, or indoors

This Siberian accession is a resinous, day-neutral (autoflowering) intermediate type direct from Chelyabinsk, close to Kazakhstan. This genepool neighbours some of the most ancient Asian centres of cannabis culture, namely the Central Asian steppe, once home to history’s original dope fiends, the Scythians.

These plants are something of a mystery. The theory among local people is that they may have originated in Kazakhstan. Several characteristics suggest they are descended from an imported hashish crop: domesticated seed structure, intense resin, powerful aromas, and definite psychoactivity. Conceivably this population originated as a hybrid between an introduced Kazakh drug-type domesticate (“landrace“) and local Siberian wild-type populations.

Seeds are quite small, silver, and mottled, with somewhat elongated horseshoe bases on some specimens, indicating the presence of wild-type genetics. Cold-treating is advisable for best results.

CBD chemotypes are likely. Very fast flowering and hardy, these plants are well-suited for northern latitudes.

PLEASE NOTE: Seeds of wild-type Cannabis exhibit slow and uneven germination.

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