Seed Compost (Yes) Vs Tissue Paper (No)

Bad germination techniques are rife among cannabis growers.

Where legal, to germinate a cannabis seed:

1. Soak-sterilize (e.g., in very dilute hydrogen peroxide)
2. Place in Seed Compost no deeper than the width of the seed
3. Add warmth (e.g., under a grow light) and water.

The standard Seed Compost formula for sowing any type of seed is John Innes Seed Compost. John Innes is not a brand but a range of composts developed at the John Innes Institute.

John Innes Seed Compost

2 parts sterilized loam (9 mm sieve)
1 part peat
1 part horticultural sand

Per cubic metre add:
0.6kg ground limestone
1.2kg superphosphate

Clearly peat etc. need substituting.

Note that the loam is sterilized with steam.

See this piece from the RHS on how home-produced compost is a common cause of Damping Off.
Sterilize seeds by soaking in very dilute hydrogen peroxide. The small amount of chloride in tap water is useful (enough of the distilled water already!).

Many of our accessions are straight from tropical jungles.

Peroxide is antimicrobial. The point is to minimize the likelihood that fungal or bacterial pathogens on or in the seeds will cause problems such as killing seeds before they germinate or infecting seedlings. Peroxide is also said to soften seeds and accelerate germination.
To the tissue paper / plastic bag posse:

This technique is a gift to bacteria and fungi. It pits everything against the seeds in favour of microbes.

Tissue paper is inert – ie, no nutrients.

Seeds do not need you watching or touching them in order to germinate.

Wet tissue paper rapidly becomes a microbial soup when it / and or your seeds aren’t sterilized, doubly so when it’s sealed inside a ziplock bag at +25°C.

You are creating problems and maximizing the chances for fails, for no gain whatsoever.
Every accession that goes on our sites is tested and retested.

Nothing is listed unless above an absolute minimum of 80% germination – or it says otherwise. Most accessions should give you close to 100% success or often as not 100% germination.
Photo shows Bokeo #2