How To Become A Legendary Cannabis Breeder

One of these Cannabis farmers is screwing up big time.

The other is a renowned breeder.

Right now, ‘Cannabusiness’ is a case study in the tragicomic consequences of not knowing the difference between good and bad information.

Call it an information war if you like, but so far as the ‘facts’ favoured among growers go it’s one that science is losing. The winners continue to be the strange, self-promoting weirdos who shaped cannabis discourse during its decades undeground. Good at farming idiots though these guys may be, they’re best ignored if you’re after a place in the future of cannabis agriculture.

A field of ‘Finola’, an advanced high-density semidwarf cultivar and the first modern hemp cultivar developed exclusively for grain. The low stature facilitates machine harvest, while the limited branching minimizes production of stem tissue and maximizes production on an acreage basis. Shown is the breeder, J.C. Callaway.

A mess left by the ill-informed.

We owe it to ourselves and future generations to learn the difference between good- and bad-quality information, fast.

That applies whether you’re nurturing ambitions to become a legendary cannabis breeder, to raise your kids on a liveable planet, or to enjoy a life in an open free society (however flawed or in urgent need of improvement!)

All of this depends on our understanding the very real difference between misinformation and objectively verifiable truth – whether that’s truth from sound science or sound journalism.

Way too many folks in the western cannabis world are not up to speed.

Dwarf germplasm: the key to giant Cannabis hempseed and cannabinoid crops – a crucial 2017 study by Ernest Small can be downloaded from this site.

Essential reading for any serious cannabis breeder.