Check out this Syrian landrace male

Here’s a great male from our Syrian landrace – found by Biointensive Cannabis.

Seeds are available of this Syrian strain and other cannabis landraces from the Near East and Middle East such as Sinai, Lebanese, and Turkish.

All have the advantage of being compact and early – finishing as early as late August to September. That’s going to depend on your latitude and climate, but all these landraces are ‘semi-auto’. In other words, they go into flower on around 18 hours daylight.

If you want cultivars from the same broad region that have a history of being selected for use as bud, then check out these Greek cannabis heirlooms: Cretan, Arcadian, and Kalamata Red.

Plus we also have a heavily worked Moroccan line, meaning it’s been selected to be potent enough to use as bud: Rif Mountain.