Buzzard’s Hawaiian Hashbud Freebies: 12 Seeds Free With All Orders + 12 Johaar Himalayan Landrace

NOTE: Please note this offer is now closed (11/11/2019).

Green himself explains the amazing freebies The Real Seed Company is able to offer thanks to his and Buzzard’s generosity and foresight in keeping this line pure:

Buzzard’s Hawaiian Hashbud
Genetics:  Pure Short-Season Hawaiian Heirloom
Sourcing: c. late ‘80s Maui, by Buzzard and Green
Latitude: 19.5° N
Harvest: 3 times per year in Hawaii
Height: 13 meters
Characteristics: Classic old-school stone, pine, hash and funk, extra-wide leaves, inbred

I met this gentleman nicknamed Buzzard a few years ago. He’s 73 years old and has been growing on the island since the early 1970s. He’s got some great grow stories of the islands back then and has seen a lot of cannabis…. His favorite line is a 30+ year-old Hawaiian hash plant that was gifted to him in the late ’80s. It reminds him of his all-time favorite 1970s import Afghan Hash.

The plants have remained pure and unhybridized for the past 30+ years in Hawaii. The strain appears to be of Afghan origin, possibly from the first wave of wide leaf varieties to hit the islands.

In the Aloha spirit, these heirloom seeds are a gift to the community. It’s my wish and blessings that this seed-line remain absolutely free and open, continually being reproduced and shared freely. If you receive seeds, make more seeds and share those seeds.


19° N