Idukki ‘Blue Dreadlocks’ Landrace Ganja – Kerala

‘Kerala’ ganja landrace – a customer photo c. 15 weeks indoors in a 5 gallon pot.

‘Very strong mint garden spice aroma’, writes the grower – ‘very narrow leaves.’

This is the classic South Indian landrace also called ‘Idukki’, after the highland district renowned for its excellent ‘red-dirt’ terroir.

Good Keralan ganja is famous for its strong minty scents, smooth rich smoke, and most of all for its powerful stimulant effect and lucidity.

Purple-blue colours shown here indicate the origin of a well-known name for high-grade Keralan ganja: ‘Neelachadayan’, most likely meaning ‘blue dreadlocks’, though some folks reckon it’s ‘blue poison’.

Keralan 'Neelachadyan' landrace ganja indoors, customer photo

Keralan ‘Neelachadyan’ landrace ganja indoors, customer photo

Indigenous tribal communities in Kerala traditionally offer ganja ritually to the deity Munishvaran, as a sacrament. Recent crackdowns by the state government have effectively destroyed this custom.

Sadly, the Covid-19 outbreak stopped our plans to obtain seed from the winter 2019-20 harvest through old-timer ganja farmers in Idukki.

Fortunately, seeds from maintenance grows of our 2015 accession are available now, and these are the source of the plant shown. You can also find seeds of first-class Thai, Lao, and Burmese ganja landraces in our Southeast Asia collection.

Please note that all of these cannabis landraces are critically endangered or close to extinct, mostly due not to crop eradication but because of hybridization with seed introduced by westerners and rich cosmopolitan Asians.