‘Lao Gold’ – New Stock, 2023 Harvest

New ‘Lao Gold’ landrace seeds are in stock from the same farmer, 2023 harvest
A recent customer review of our ‘Lao Gold’, which is a pristine old-school cannabis landrace of the type some aficionados call a ‘Lowland Thai’:

“I’ve tried other pure landraces or pure Hazes which were already heaven on earth…. But those Lao Gold were still a step higher (couldn’t believe). They’re already legendary in my mind now.

“The Lao Gold were very airy foxtail structure. Strong citrus-candy scent for one, more citrus/herbal/tobacco for the other but still sweet, very resinous for both. High was kind and sweet, all senses heightened, mind relaxed and blissful.”
Photo from the farmer in southern Laos, c. Feb 2020
An Australian grower comments over on The Real Seed Company’s Instagram account: “Now that does look like old Thai stick line we called Foxtail“.