‘Nepalese’ – New Accessions Direct from Nepal

New landrace accessions direct from Nepal – sourced during the harvest of Winter 2021:

Dolpa – Far West Nepal, Multipurpose

Jumla – Far West Nepal, Multipurpose

Dakshinkali – Central Nepal, ‘Mountain Ganja’

Kathmandu Valley – Central Nepal, Multipurpose

Dolpa and Jumla are two high mountain regions that produced the legendary charas of Hippie Trail heyday Kathmandu. There’s every reason to be confident these accessions – from remote valleys close-by Tibet – are pristine. And nothing about the two other accessions suggests contamination with modern hybrids.

The image shows our ‘Nepalese’, a type for high-grade charas which Angus collected in Midwest Nepal in 2008.

As ever, all orders receive 17 extra landrace seeds free.

To go deeper into Himalayan cannabis culture and traditional Himalayan cannabis strains – most of which are ‘landraces’, meaning a domesticated crop created by farmers – check out Endangered Varieties of subsp. indica: A Few Thoughts.