Chitrali (2021)

The new Chitrali accession has tested well. Seeds are showing a high germination rate and vigorous seedlings.

Shown is a plant from the 2014 Chitrali accession, customer photo, collected by Angus.

The highest region of the Hindu Kush, Chitral lies along what’s widely understood to be an intersection between Central and South Asian populations of Cannabis – in other words between landrace Indicas and Sativas, as well as these cultivated strains’ wild-growing relatives. For more about this, see the important study A classification of endangered high-THC cannabis.

For a sense of the range of variation exhibited within a single accession of a landrace from Chitral – e.g. in leaflet shape and width, height, and type of aroma – check out further photos at the strain description for our Chitrali.