Lambsbread Again

Another classic track about Lambsbread for anyone still with doubts about whether it’s Lambsbread or Lamb’s Breath, this time from Glen Brown, pictured above.

If you’re looking for seeds of relatively pristine Jamaican strains, there’s this cross Whish made of two ostensible Jamaican lines from the Spanish scene and named Jamaican Lambsbread x Jamaican Blue Mountain F4

The ‘collie’ of ‘collieman’ is probably from kalī (कली), a term from various Indian languages that means ‘bud’, ie flower bud.

A version of this track was recorded in 1998 in the last couple of years before modern hybrids delievered a comprehensive end to cultivation of traditional domesticates on the island of Jamaica. An epitaph for the old herb, maybe. Either way, after 2000 the new hybrid imports that made it from Jamaica to London were dismal stuff and definitely nothing to sing about.