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Genetics: Lao Thai Cannabis Landrace
Sourcing: The Real Seed Company, Laos, Southeast Asia, 2023
Purpose: Ganja (seedless or lightly seeded buds)
Latitude: 18° N
Regional Harvest: Seed to harvest = 6 months
Height: 2 – 4 metres
Characteristics: Intense rich aromas; euphoric luminous high; Sativa-type architecture
Classification: Cannabis sativa subsp. indica var. indica
Grow Type: Greenhouse or outdoors

A cannabis landrace from a crucial centre of production of ‘Thai’ ganja, the rice-growing lowlands of Vientiane Province, Central Laos, immediately across the Mekong from famous centres of ‘Thai stick’ production in northern Isan.

Ganja is a traditional household crop in this region of Laos, particularly among ethnic Tai rice-farming lowland communities such as the Lao. Typically, a crop is sown between June and September, then harvested between December and April.

This accession was obtained from a Lao village household, where a stand of ganja plants is cultivated each year for home consumption, both in food such as chicken soup and as ganja for smoking.

Expect large, narrow-leafleted classic Sativa morphology and substantial colas with strongly scented resinous inflorescences.

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