Matsyendranāth & Cannabis Culture

The ‘sinsemilla technique’ was first set down in the Ānandakanda, a c. 15th Century work most likely composed at Srisailam, southeast India.

Shown is Matsyendranāth, one of the semi-legendary Nine Nāths listed in the Ānandakanda.

Siddhas – meaning Tantric adepts – such as Matsyendranāth are shared by Tantric Buddhist and Nāth lineages.

Matsyendranāth is closely associated with Tantric rites and practices involving cannabis, mostly from Kaula traditions.

That said, despite their close links to the Nāth lineages, sacramental use of cannabis is not a feature of the Buddhist Siddha traditions that were transmitted to Tibet.

The image shows a 19th Century silk thangka of Matsyendranāth (Mīnapa) from the Sakya lineage of Tibet.

This Wednesday I will be recording a podcast on the alchemical roots of cannabis culture with Conor of CANNAMANtv.