Unsustainable, unecological, and unnecessary cultivation in energy-hog greenhouses

Ecologically destructive practices and mistaken views about the climate emergency are rife among the Cannabis tribe, and frankly that’s on all our heads.

Ceaseless extolling of the very real virtues of hemp has meant too little awareness that most commercial pot production right now is apocalyptic in its destruction of our children’s futures.

Hemp is not a fig leaf with which to cover the fact that the pot industry is currently complicit in rendering the planet a living hell for future generations.

Crucial reading for everyone involved in the Cannabis industry is Ernest Small’s paper Marijuana – unsustainable, unecological and unnecessary cultivation in energy-hog greenhouses. As the study sets out, the industry must improve – and indeed can improve – to the point where it is actually on a par with hemp.

The new era of legalization needs to start out on the right foot. That means good people need to start taking action.

If we want to see a world defined by common sense and basic decency, we need to start creating it.