Malana Cream


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Genetics: ‘Malana’ Domesticate / Cannabis Landrace
Sourcing: The Real Seed Company, Malana, Indian Himalaya, Winter 2022
Purpose: Charas (hand-rubbed), fibre, seeds
Latitude: 32° N
Harvest: Late-September through October
Height: 2 6 metres outdoors
Aroma: Floral, fruity, malty
Characteristics: Resinous, vigorous, hardy, long internodes, intermediate domestication, CBD
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse

Direct from Malana village, this Himalayan cannabis landrace produces the famed hand-rubbed high-mountain charas, Malana Cream. This resin is prized for its intense aromas, sticky consistency, and heady, mellow high.

Malana cultigens are tall and lanky, with long internodes and loose, resinous buds. Aromas are floral and fruity, with deeper, more pungent and ‘hashy’ notes.

Modern hybrids were introduced to this region at least as early as the 1980s. Recently, introduced hybrids have resulted in increasing numbers of plants exhibiting ‘skunky’ terpenes and hybrid-like leaflets. But note that broad leaflets during early vegetative stage are characteristic of traditional Himalayan landraces.

Malana plants are hardy and suited to being bred for use outdoors at northern latitudes. CBD chemotypes are common. Like all Himalayan cultigens, “Malana Cream” has a history of medicinal use.

So-called “landraces” in the Malana region are increasingly affected by introduced modern hybrids. Collectors are advised that purity cannot be guaranteed. Equally, acquiring these accessions before introgression worsens is advisable.

The photo shows one of our previous Malana accessions outdoors in Hawaii after two heavy storms, which it took with relative ease.

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