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Genetics: Tai Cannabis Landrace
Sourcing: The Real Seed Company, Shan State, Southeast Asia, 2023
Purpose: Ganja (seedless or lightly seeded buds)
Latitude: 21° N
Regional Harvest: December to March
Height: 2 – 4 metres
Characteristics: Rich aromas, soaring high, Sativa-type architecture
Classification: C. sativa subsp. indica var. indica
Grow Type: Greenhouse or outdoors

New winter 2023 stock of a cannabis landrace collected direct from Shan State, an ethnically Tai region of Burma, by an aficionado and cultivator from Laos, who was impressed by the ganja and brought back seed to cultivate at home.

The following is a review by a grower who ran a large number indoors:

The sort of plant: Big vigorous pure Sativa with large fluffy buds like some of the old Columbians, similar bud structure, too. Possibly the most vigorous Sativa I’ve grown and I’ve grown a good number. Very tall even with significant root restriction. Some of the buds cure to brown like some classic ‘Thai’ strains!

Smell (when growing): Mango-carrot and spicy hazy with a bit of incensey-ness and a sweet-citric bite.

Smell (when dried): Peppery, hazy, herbal, minty, oregano, incense, citric, strong ‘waxy’ tropical Sativa smell. The mango smell is a bit more subdued on drying.

Flavor: Extremely spicy, herbal, tobacco-y, smooth, incense.

Potency: High to extremely high.

High: The best plants in a good amount: Very, very strongly stimulating, turns on your brain, weird thoughts, closed and open eye visuals. Too intense and overwhelming for some people. Tends more towards trippiness than euphoria.

Conclusion: This Landrace has the characteristics that many Sativa lovers are after, the ones that are hard to come by these days. If you want plants that can be scary and mindbending, this is a great strain. If you’re prone to paranoia or panic attacks then you might want to avoid this sort of herb. There’s a lot of diversity in the line still despite being nearly true breeding for sound to very high potency.

The guy behind RSC said that a Lao grower brought seeds back from Burma ’cause he was impressed. I see why….


Note that so-called ‘Yunnan Indica’ and alleged ‘Burmese’ strains circulating at seed sites are clear examples of ‘breeders’ in the West taking shortcuts by hybridizing with hybrids such as Skunk, as demonstrated by genomic analysis.

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