Cannabis Landraces Q&A with Angus from The Real Seed Company

Here’s a recent live Q&A on landraces featuring Angus with Macky and Monkey of High on Homegrown.

A quick note in response to some comments in chat:

It’s really important that people *do not* ever take modern seeds to ancient cannabis regions like Pakistan and Laos and Nepal.

By bringing in seeds as a ‘gift’, westerners are causing permanent extinction of cannabis populations in the most crucial centres of biodiversity of our plant.

Modern seeds are in effect an atom bomb that wipes out millions of years of genetic variation.

Cops are not the real criminals on this one. Western and rich Asian city kid growers are.

The main cause of extinction in cannabis is hybridization, not crop eradication by cops.

Hybridization between these modern strains and the local cannabis population wipes out millions of years of variation and this loss can’t be reversed. Extinction is extinction.

Please never bring seeds to these places.

What these seeds do is close off possible futures for cannabis – potential cures for diseases, potential pest and disease resistance traits, potential wonder strains that can be created by genes hidden within local weedy populations and so on.