‘Colombia 90’ at Kwik Seeds

Colombia Gold hybrid

Our ‘Colombia 90’ line is available now, only at Kwik Seeds.

Our best guess is this strains originates through a ‘Colombia Gold’ crossing with a ‘Northern Lights’.

‘Colombia Gold’ itself likely has roots in Thai genetics introduced by Westerners during the 1970s.

We resurrected this ‘Colombia 90’ line directly from seeds from a standout batch of bud imported from Colombia in 1990.

As ever, all orders here and at Kwik Seeds receive 17 freebie seeds, which are currently 5 seeds of ‘Afghan Mix’ and 12 seeds of ‘Ukhrul’. They give you genetics from two of the most important centres of biodiversity for subsp. indica, namely southern Central Asia and Northeast India – the latter likely being where the wild ancestral populations of Sativas crossed into India from Tibet around 40,000 years ago.