New Freebies: 12 Ukhrul & 5 Afghan Mix Seeds

As of today (28/09/2021), freebies with all orders are as follows:

Ukhrul – 12 seeds

Afghan Mix – 5 seeds

That means any order of any strain in any quantity gets 17 freebie seeds.

The photo shows as a ganja plant in Ukhrul near January harvest. Ukhrul is a highland region of Northeast India, very close to the border with Burma.

Together these freebies give you authentic genetics from two regions crucial to the biodiversity of subsp. indica.

Informally, ‘Afghan Mix’ is Indica-type. Formally, it’s subsp. indica var. afghanica.

Informally, Ukhrul is Sativa-type. Formally, it’s subsp. indica var. indica.

Authentic domesticates (“landraces”) from Southeast Asia and Central Asia are endangered. For reliable information McPartland & Small’s essential study, ‘A classification of endangered high-THC cannabis (Cannabis sativa subsp. indica) domesticates and their wild relatives’.