New landrace episode coming soon at the ‘Curious About Cannabis’ podcast

Just recorded a new ‘Curious About Cannabis‘ episode on the crucial new taxonomy for endangered subsp. indica landraces and wild-type populations by Small & McPartland.

Fingers crossed I didn’t get too much wrong, though I’ve already realized I misrepresented the origins of the term “bhang”, the roots of which predate Middle Persian (ironically, as we’d even discussed its presence in a much older Sanksrit text, the Atharva Veda).

For a summary of the new study, published this April, see the most recent post at

Here’s the previous episode, in case you missed it.

NOTE: In passing, I inadvertently misrepresented the Schultes taxonomy as it was in the early ’70s court cases. For more accurate details of how Schultes’ views changed, see my recent ramble about Indica landraces and Cannabis taxonomy.

Photo shows a Tashkurgan landrace in early vegetative stage.