Malawi Gold


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Genetics: Malawi Gold, Heirloom Nkhotakota Ganja Strain
Sourcing: Afropips, via collector community
Purpose: Ganja (bud)
Latitude: 13°S
Height: 2 – 4 metres outdoors
Aroma: Floral; tangy; spicy; herbal
Characteristics: Long-flowering; vibrant, euphoric, and long-lasting high
Grow Type: Greenhouse or outdoors

This is the original Afropips Malawi Gold, which has been reproduced from seeds kindly donated by a landrace collector.

The best Malawi landraces are equatorial Sativa-type strains renowned for their vibrant, euphoric high and unique flavours. They’re most closely associated with the Nkhotakota region. Traditionally, flowering tops are made into ‘Malawi cobs’ by wrapping the seedless or semi-seeded flowering tops in corn husks for storage and curing.

According to the original Afropips description, “Malawi Gold is internationally renowned as one of the most potent psychoactive pure African sativas. Afropips Superior first grade Malawi Gold was selected from 10 years experience with top Malawi growers for the spiciest taste & the most psychoactive clean vibrant high. The high is long lasting & has an enjoyable alert mental clarity coupled with a warm pleasant feeling that radiates throughout the body. The unique tropical & luxuriant spicy sativa up high can be attributed to the presence of THCV in this early cultivated strain.”

Malawi Gold landrace, seeds available from The Real Seed Company

Afropips’ photo of their Malawi landrace strain. The leaflets show signs of stress, likely due to overwatering or overfeeding.

Pure Malawi landrace seeds available from The Real Seed Company

Malawi cob, ’80s

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