New ‘Curious About Cannabis’ Episode on Endangered Asian Cannabis Populations

The new Curious About Cannabis episode with Jason and Angus on endangered landraces and wild-type populations of subsp. indica is out!

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Jason is doing amazing work by bringing together voices and perspectives from across the world of Cannabis. So, when he asked if l was alright for our discussion to be released like this, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. The informed and ethically grounded approach he brings is exactly what we need more of. In our era, awareness of where people and plant are coming from and where we’re headed to is more important than ever.

The image is from McPartland and Small’s crucial new study, A classification of endangered high-THC cannabis (Cannabis sativa subsp. indica) domesticates and their wild relatives.

Shown are the distributions of herbarium specimens of the two wild-type varieties of subsp. indica. Red circles: var. asperrima. Green triangles: var. himalayensis. Their interface is in northern Pakistan, roughly around the Kunar/Chitral River watershed. Red area: Irano-Turanian region. Green area: Indian region. Lilac area: Saharo-Sindian region.