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Region: Himalaya

Strain: Parvati Jungli

Genetics: Feral Himalayan Cannabis aka 'jungli'
Latitude: 32° N
Regional Maturation: mid-September to mid-October
Height: 3 - 5 metres
Aroma: floral, fruity, citrus and hash
Characteristics: aromatic, flavoursome, and resinous
Grow Type: Greenhouse or Outdoors

Feral cannabis, known as 'jungli' or 'wild' cannabis, can be found growing throughout the Himalaya. It is sometimes regarded as having a more 'natural' and enjoyable high than domesticated cannabis.

These seeds are from plants growing spontaneously around the crop fields in a renowned charas producing village in Parvati valley. They are likely to have been exchanging pollen with cultivated fields in the nearby mountains, so will share many characteristics with domestic Parvati plants. Germination rates should be high, also indicating that these 'jungli' plants are close to their cultivated cousins.

Expect citrusy, fruity resin with a friendly, warming high.

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Parvati Jungli - Himalaya - Parvati Jungli product image.Parvati Jungli - Himalaya - Parvati Jungli product image.

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