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Region: Middle East

Strain: Turkish

Genetics: Turkish 'Drug' Landrace
Latitude: c. 38° N
Regional Maturation: c. September
Height: c. 0.5m - 1.5m
Aroma: Hash, floral, earth, spice, coffee
Characteristics: early maturing, short; good CBD potential
Grow Type: Outdoors, Greenhouse or Indoors (requires experience)

Please note: the precise origin and characteristics of this Turkish strain are not yet known. However, it is a short, fast-flowering 'drug' landrace collected in Turkey.

This strain has a profile similar to other Middle Eastern varieties such as Lebanese and Syrian. The aroma is hashy, floral, and spicy, with notes of coffee on curing. The effect is moderate, suggesting CBD is present, as is typical in Middle Eastern strains. Most likely this variety is or was a hashish strain.

A fast-flowering variety, this Turkish landrace is likely to be harvested from late August through September.

Further details will be provided when available.

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Turkish - Middle East - Turkish product image.Turkish - Middle East - Turkish product image.Turkish - Middle East - Turkish product image.

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