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Region: Himalaya

Strain: Kumaoni

Genetics: Pure Himalayan Multipurpose Charas Plant
Latitude: 29N
Regional Harvest: mid-October to early November
Height: 3m - 4m
Aroma: citrus, floral, hash
Characteristics: euphoric high, intense vigour, great mold resistance, good CBD and medical potential
Traditional purpose: seeds, fibre and hand-rubbed charas
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse

A rustic, high mountain charas strain found deep in the Hhigh Himalaya of Kumaon, close to Tibet and Nepal. What it lacks in refinement this variety makes up for with its bright and euphoric high.

Kumaon was for several years a part of the kingdom of Nepal, and shares the same Himalayan traditions.

Highly recommended to collectors seeking a rare and totally authentic Himalayan charas plant. This variety can withstand the intense rain and humidity of the Himalayan monsoon, as well as the bitter cold of autumn nights at up to 3500m, so is well suited to adapting to outdoor use in northern climates.

The Nanda Devi and Pahari Farmhouse varieties previously released by RSC come from a neighbouring valley to this Kumaoni. While the Nanda Devi is more mango-scented, this Kumaoni strain typically gives more 'lemon' and floral scented plants. The combination of terpenoids such as limonene with the likelihood of a good amount of CBD in many plants gives this strain excellent medical potential.

A classic pure multipurpose Himalaya charas landrace.

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Kumaoni - Himalaya - Kumaoni product image.Kumaoni - Himalaya - Kumaoni product image.Kumaoni - Himalaya - Kumaoni product image.Kumaoni - Himalaya - Kumaoni product image.

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