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Region: Himalaya

Strain: Nanda Devi

Genetics: Pure Himalayan Charas Plant (Kumaoni)
Latitude: 29°N
Regional Harvest: mid-August - mid-September
Height: 2m - 3m in natural outdoor environment in Kumaon Himalaya
Yield: 1kg or more of dried flowers in natural outdoor environment
Aroma: floral, tangy, spicy and herbal
Characteristics: soaring, heady high; great mold and cold resistance
Traditional Purpose: charas (hashish) production (hand rubbed)
Grow Type: greenhouse or outdoors

Charming and unusually fast-flowering rustic charas 'sativa' unique to a valley to the east of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, home of the 'Goddess of Bliss', in the Kumaon Himalaya. Harvested from mid-August to mid-September during breaks in rains.

Kumaon was once part of Nepal and shares the same ancient cannabis traditions. Very resinous and aromatic, Nanda Devi produces charas with a distinctive soaring high.

The villages which grow this strain regard it as a special charas strain cultivated only for the purpose of making charas, and farmers believe it has a better, stronger high than the other large seeded strains (known as 'dati') which they also cultivate.

This cultivar has long slender leaflets and a charming 'sativa' appearance. Calyxes are very resinous, with a floral, tangy aroma and herbal, spicy scents. The rustic braided charas from these plants is somewhat harder and coarser than the typical Malana or Parvati type, but has a very distinctive euphoric effect - an uplifting and positive vibe that really stands out. Fans of Himalayan charas like the Nepalese many people remember from the '60s and '70s, and people looking for an eclectic 'sativa', will really enjoy these plants.

Terpene and cannabinoid profile for a Nanda Devi female:
THC: 10.87%
CBD: 1.05%
CBN: 0.08%
Beta-caryophyllene: 0.42mg/mL
Alpha-pinene: 0.15mg/mL
Beta-pinene: 0.17mg/mL
Myrcene: 0.17mg/mL
Limonene: 0.07mg/mL
Geraniol: 1.56mg/mL
Terpenolene: 0.15mg/mL
Humulene: 1.27mg/mL
Nerolidol-1: 0.23mg/mL

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Nanda Devi - Himalaya - Nanda Devi product image.Nanda Devi - Himalaya - Nanda Devi product image.Nanda Devi - Himalaya - Nanda Devi product image.Nanda Devi - Himalaya - Nanda Devi product image.Nanda Devi - Himalaya - Nanda Devi product image.

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