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Region: Himalaya

Strain: Malana Cream

Genetics: Himalayan Charas Plant (Malana)
Latitude: 32N
Regional Harvest: late September to late October
Height: 3-5 meters in natural outdoor environment.
Aroma: fruity, citrus, malty sweet hash
Characteristics: resinous; uplifting highs; vigorous, with cold, mold and wind resistance; medicinal potential
Traditional Purpose: charas production (hand rubbed hashish); fibre; seeds
Grow Type: Outdoors, Greenhouse

This famous North Indian charas plant produces the legendary "Malana Cream". This is a hardy strain which produces characteristic aromatic resins. Outdoors, typical heights are around 4 metres. Aromas are malty sweet, fruity, and hashy. Malana landraces are still renowned as the best in the Kullu and Parvati region.

Good Malana Cream is a match for fine Nepalese, with a euphoric sativa head high, balanced with physical relaxation.

Adaption to the harsh climate of the high Himalaya gives this strain strong resistance to cold, wind and rain. A good percentage of plants should also have a fairly early finishing time. This makes the Malana strain, which is accustomed to the harsh weather at up to 3000m in the Himalaya, well suited for adapting to outdoors in more northern regions. Malana also has excellent medicinal potential. CBD-containing plants should be easy to find in this genepool, with roughly one quarter of plants showing high-CBD low-THC chemotypes, and roughly half being mixed 1:1 THC:CBD. Like all Himalayan strains, Malana has a history of medicinal use.

Strains in this region are increasingly affected by introduced modern hybrid genetics. Collectors are advised that purity cannot be guaranteed. Equally, it's worth acquiring these strains before the situation becomes worse.

New stock from the Winter 2017 harvest. Viability should be 90% plus.

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Malana Cream - Himalaya - Malana Cream product image.Malana Cream - Himalaya - Malana Cream product image.Malana Cream - Himalaya - Malana Cream product image.Malana Cream - Himalaya - Malana Cream product image.Malana Cream - Himalaya - Malana Cream product image.Malana Cream - Himalaya - Malana Cream product image.

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