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Region: Tropical India

Strain: Kerala

Genetics: Pure South Indian Ganja Plant
Latitude: 9° N
Regional Harvest: late December to early February
Height: 2m - 4m
Characteristics: minty, spicy, fruity, and floral aroma; intense, focused, and energising 'sativa' high
Traditional Purpose: ganja (unseeded or lightly seeded female flowering tops)
Grow Type: Greenhouse or Outdoors

This is a classic South Indian ganja strain with a strong and stimulating 'sativa' high.

Kerala is a region with one of the world's most ancient and respected traditions of cannabis cultivation. This strain comes from the equatorial southern end of the Indian highlands known as the Western Ghats, in a region named Idukki - one of the most famous historic centres of ganja cultivation.

These plants are true tropical sativas that grow between two to four metres tall, with characteristic bamboo-like leaves. Buds are loose, airy and resinous with a minty, peppery and fruity aroma, yielding a pungent sweet smoke. The Kerala high is renowned for its energising positivity.

Keralan ganja is typically planted around June to July and harvested from December to early February. Allow three to four months of flowering for optimum results. The best plants will show very good potency, and all will have the characteristic Kerala high.

A recent test of one plant reported 17.63% THC (or 14.86% THC, depending on how the result is interpreted). Mid to high teens THC is typical for this strain, with stronger specimens no doubt findable. The terpenoids of this particular plant were dominated by linalool, alpha-pinene, and humulene, with smaller amounts of myrcene and beta-pinene. No CBD was exhibited, as was expected.

Note: this batch of seeds has been produced indoors outside Kerala through open pollination.

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Kerala - Tropical India - Kerala product image.Kerala - Tropical India - Kerala product image.Kerala - Tropical India - Kerala product image.Kerala - Tropical India - Kerala product image.Kerala - Tropical India - Kerala product image.Kerala - Tropical India - Kerala product image.

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