Rif Mountain (Ketama)


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Genetics: ‘Beldia’ Moroccan Ketama Heirloom (Landrace)
Purpose: Hashish (sieved resin) or bud
Latitude: 35┬░ N
Outdoors: August to September
Indoors: 7 to 8 weeks
<1.5 metres outdoors
Characteristics: Resinous, short, very fast flowering, semi-autoflowering
Grow Type: Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse

A cannabis landrace strain that’s undergone several generations of modern selection, this is a very early maturing and intensely resinous hashish strain from Ketama in the Rif mountains of Morocco. The original accession of the ‘Beldia’ landrace from which this heirloom has been inbred is believed to have originally been collected in the ’90s. It’s since undergone several generations of intensive modern breeding work, making it well-suited for use as bud. It’s also been adapted for cultivation outdoors at northern latitudes.

As with unworked Moroccan landraces, this is a short strain that reaches no more than 2 metres in height and exhibits minimal branching. Its leaflets are medium-width. Due to its semi-autoflowering traits, it’s ready outdoors from late August to early September. Indoors, it’s very fast flowering at around 7 to 8 weeks.

A useful breeding tool, and an example of what can be achieved by inbreeding similar and superior landrace strains such as the Lebanese, Syrian, and Sinai.

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