Northern Afghanistan

Northern Afghanistan is widely understood to be the historic epicentre of Afghan cannabis culture, particularly Balkh Province, which was once part of a region known as Afghan Turkestan. When the great Russian scientist Nikolai Vavilov documented Afghan Cannabis in the 1920s, he observed that most cultivation occured in northern Afghanistan. He described the morphology of the crop as Turkestani, in other words, as being identical with the types of landraces he had seen cultivated around ancient Turkestani hashish-producing centres such as Bukhara. Notably, the plants he observed there and in regions such as Sheberghan do not appear to have had broad leaflets. Their leaves were large, but this was due to their markedly long leaflets which, unlike the broad Indica-type leaflets that Westerners associate with Afghanistan, appear to have been narrow. The strain Afghans know as Mazar-i-Sharif, which we collected in 2007, appears to conform quite closely to this Turkestani type, as does our Tashkurgan accession. For those seeking Indica-type strains, selected heirloom Indicas such as Deep Chunk, X18, and Afgaan 90 are available here together with worldwide stealth shipping for the complete landrace catalogue of The Real Seed Company.

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