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9 Jan at 07:53
Posted by: angus

Finally, thanks to the generosity of a friend of Real Seed Co, the Mango Thai is back again. This strain was first available here around 2010, and was sourced in Vientiane Province, which these days is where much 'Thai' comes from.

Mango Thai, as I've named it, is a classic Thai-Lao ganja landrace. In other words, this is cannabis that has been domesticated for production of bud as opposed to hashish (resin). Along the middle Mekong, the ethnically Lao region of Isan (Northeast Thailand) and Central Laos is the historic heartland of what Westerners regard as Thai ganja.

This region has two seasons: one involves planting in June/July and harvesting in December/January. The other is from September to around March, enabling plants to flower without risk of rain. This yields the best bud.

The Mango Thai landrace can exhibit plants with high potency, comparable to modern hybrids. Buds are resinous and range from soft light-green to purple-brown when cured. Trichomes can extend from bracts to leaflets. Aromas range from mango and smoky spice to chocolate and musk.

The 'no ceiling' quality many Westerners prize in Thai can be found in this strain.

These seeds were produced in Europe. They've been generously shared by a collector who found a pure male. A limited number of packs are available.

Mango Thai Seeds Are Back image.Mango Thai Seeds Are Back image.Mango Thai Seeds Are Back image.Mango Thai Seeds Are Back image.
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