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28 Jul at 10:34Posted by: angus

As of July 2017, all orders will receive 12 ex-stock Manipuri freebies.

Manipuri is a classic SE Asian ganja 'sativa', with great potency, unique flavour and aromas, and a standout high.

Here is a recent customer review:

Official Smoke report, Manipuri RSC with a lovely 6-7 month cure.

*please note all other previous smoke reports are applicable, and this 6-7 month report is just an addition to all of them.

Aroma/flavor- Bright orange/tangerine citrus intro followed by slight notes of green hoppy earth. Highly exotic terp profile. This may not make sense but the closest thing i have seen to this flavor is the beer from New Belgium brewery called Citradelic.

But I am very happy to announce that the Manipur girls increased in potency with a good couple of subjective points to a 7.8-8 with a 6 month cure. ( I strongly discourage anyone who likes lockcoucherlock plants, tropical ganja is in a different category)

Quality of high- I believe this is where these Manipuri traditional cultivator shines. Pure Narrow leaf high. Energizing yet relaxed A very smooth take off to very high altitude of high. But while your at this high altitude its not racey or rockety like some good thai's are.
Hints of psychedelia. If you can compare good Thai weed to hints LSD, electric,excitatory, linear, intense, lets party. Manipuri was more in the realm of hints of pysylocibin, organic, centered relaxed, happy, meditative, yet very much still energized and engaged.

Great way to start your Saturday morning.

Current freebies: 12 ex-stock Manipuri image.Current freebies: 12 ex-stock Manipuri image.Current freebies: 12 ex-stock Manipuri image.
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