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23 Feb at 11:50Posted by: angus

As of 23rd Feb 2017, freebies are some ex-stock Manipuri seeds (12 seed packs). Manipuri is an excellent ganja 'sativa' from Northeast India, right on the border with Burma. This a strong strain, with many similarities to oldschool Thai and Lao varieties. Because of the level of interest picking up, these ex-stock seeds are now being used as freebies.

A Spanish grower writes:

"Very, very good strain, thanks! This year I made a nice selection of sativas and Manipuri was the best by far. Better bred than most of the Western cannabis. The best 2 of the selection may be some of the most potent weed I've smoked. The potency trait is very, very consistent: from 13 females only two were less poten. The best two are impressive: one is speedy weed and the other is more trippy\happy and not so 'nervous'.

"All i can say is I'm very impressed. This strain is much better bred than most of the occidental wannabreeders stuff: plagues and mold resistant, high potency in most of the plants (only smoked one that is a bit less potent). The flavours depending on the pheno are more sweeter or more hashy piney (the clearest and my favourite, very similar in the terpene dept to the Thai stick, the CBG's punto rojo or the punto rojo phenos in the OTHaze) just much better bred, much more potent, clear, and flavourful. I bet this strain is just like the mythical sativas of yesteryear were, especially the Thais and the Punto Rojo. I found one individual that may be the most energizing and long lasting (5 hrs) stuff that I've smoked. The high is as potent as any potent occidental hybrid but very energizing."

Current freebies: ex-stock Manipuri image.Current freebies: ex-stock Manipuri image.Current freebies: ex-stock Manipuri image.Current freebies: ex-stock Manipuri image.
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