Stealth Strains – Freakshow & Australian Bastard Cannabis

Seeds of some outstanding stealth strains are in stock now over at Kwik Seeds.

These two are perfect for guerilla cannabis grows.

‘Australian Bastard Cannabis’ is a legendary stealth strain from Australia. Also known as ‘ABC’ or ‘Bindi Buds’, this strain has a really unusual un-cannabis-like appearance that makes it ideal for avoiding detection.

‘Freakshow’ – or ‘Freakshow (Fem)’ – is another stealth legend, this time with fern-like leaves.

Plus if you’re looking for outdoor classics then check out other offerings at Kwik Seeds such as ‘Friesland’ and ‘Erdpurt’.

Two of the best outdoor lines created, these are on a Buy One Get One Free offer, as is ‘Syrian’.