Pure Indica Strains: Heirlooms and Landraces

Pure Indicas are something people often contact us to ask for, and particularly for potent Indicas.

For potent true-breeding Indicas, check out Afgaan 90, X18, and Deep Chunk.

Afgaan 90 is an intensively bred Afghan recently resurrected from 1990 Amsterdam seed stock.

X18 and Deep Chunk are ’80s Pakistani and ’70s Afghan strains originally inbred by Tom Hill and since maintained in Spain.

These three strains are all “Western heirlooms” or “IBLs”. In other words, they’ve been selectively bred for many generations using intensive modern breeding techniques.

By contrast, The Real Seed Company specializes in pure landraces. Usually, to find +10% THC individuals in first-generation hashish landrace populations direct from regions such as Afghanistan requires searching for exceptionally potent Type 1 or Chemotype 1 plants.

Balkhi, a recent landrace accession from northern Afghanistan, has readily shown unusually potent plants, some testing over 20% THC. Similarly, double-digit THC has been identified in first-generation hashish landraces we’ve collected from the Middle East, Himalaya, and elsewhere.